These 1950's era Coca Cola machines have been most popular with the public through the years.

The model number designates the number of bottles each can hold. Glass door machines hold a variety of products besides Coke, like Pepsi, water or bottled beer.

Vendo 81A

Vendo 81B

Vendo 81D

Vendo 81D - Interior

Vendo 56

Vendo 110

Vendo Self-Serve

Vendo 39

Vendo 80

Vendo 44

Vendolator (VMC) 33 Split Door and Solid Door

Cavalier 72

Cavalier 96

Ideal 35

Ideal 35

Glasco 50

Ideal 55

V-81D Before & After

81's in a Row

81a / 81b / 110 / 81d / 56

Room Full of 81's