Making Antiques Great Again

     Welcome to our world of vintage soda machines and other collectibles.

     We have been reconditioning and restoring vintage soda machines since the early 1990's.

    The purpose of this site is primarily for education, Most people who call us don't know the model number of that machine that they would like to have restored, or the model number of one they would like to purchase so here is how we can help.

     We are providing pictures of the most popular soda machines of the last century. Anyone searching information on vintage soda machines will find there were hundreds of makes and models produced for various bottlers of soft drinks.

       Now as a household novelty, just a select few of these really fit the bill for home use. They are preferred to be small, versatile and with a classic design. Up until the end of the 1950's most machines were formed with round corners and many with embossed (raised) letters.

        These we refer to as to as round top machines. After 1960 these machines were made with square corners, so naturally called square tops. Please browse through our gallery, choose your favorite machine and call us.